Call For Nominations


Dear Colleagues:

CGFNS International/International Commission on Healthcare Professions (ICHP) is seeking qualified individuals to serve on its Board of Trustees and on its committees. Your organization is invited to nominate talented individuals whose expertise and background would assist CGFNS/ICHP in its mission to provide responsible leadership in the delivery of relevant services to the global nursing and healthcare community.

Board of Trustees

For your information and reference, CGFNS Board of Trustees consists of eleven (11) trustees. We are seeking to fill the following vacancies:

Registered Nurse Trustee 1 Vacancy
Trustee-at-Large, Non-Nurse Health Professionals 1 Vacancy
Trustee-at-Large, Public Member 1 Vacancy

The Board of Trustees is CGFNS’ governing body, providing policy, leadership and oversight. The Board of Trustees generally meets three times a year and are also involved in additional CGFNS/ICHP Board Committees.

In accordance with the Bylaws, officers, directors, governors, trustees or employees of any health professional association are not eligible for service or election as Registered Nurse Trustees or Trustees-at-Large. Board members are limited to serve two, four-year terms, for a maximum tenure of eight years. Officers are limited to serve two, two-year terms for a maximum tenure of four years. Trustees are elected to the Board at the Annual Meeting, held in October, with term of office commencing on January 1st, of the upcoming year. Board candidates will be notified mid-November regarding their status.

The Nomination Committee has identified financial, technological and international business relations as the principle areas of expertise to be sought.


CGFNS/ICHP committees consist of individuals who need not be trustees and are composed of members who are experts in fields related to the Committees’ functions. Each committee is chaired by a Trustee and is accountable to the CGFNS Board of Trustees. Committees function within the general policies and bylaws of CGFNS International.

The following Committees have vacancies:

Appeals Committee 1 Vacancy
Audit Committee 3 Vacancies
Professional Nurse Credentials & Standards Committee 1 Vacancy
Research and Evaluation Committee 1 Vacancy
Sub-Committee on Advanced Practice Nursing
Professional Nurse Credentials & Standards Committee 3 Vacancies
Occupational Therapy Professional Standards Committee 2 Vacancies
Physical Therapy Professional Standards Committee 1 Vacancy

All committee members may serve two, two-year terms, for a maximum tenure of four years, with terms beginning January 1, 2017. In accordance with CGFNS Bylaws, the President and Chief Executive Officer makes all appointments to committees. The Nominations Committee makes recommendations to the President and Chief Executive Officer for appointment consideration.

Nominees will be notified mid-November of their nomination status.

Public Members

Both the Board of Trustees and Committees have public members. Public members serve a very important function in the mission, credential evaluation and certification processes of CGFNS International. They represent the direct and indirect users of certificants’ skills/services; effectively advocate for the public; contribute to defining the CGFNS/ICHP mission, policies and procedures; carry out the functions assigned as a Trustee or Committee member consistent with CGFNS International bylaws, policies and procedures.

Responsibilities include attendance at committee meetings and review of all materials relative to the meeting’s agenda for purpose of deliberative discussion.

We invite your nomination of public members for open positions as well.

Nomination Instructions

  1. Nominations submitted must be on the CGFNS Nominations Form and include the nominees’ resume and be signed by the nominee.
  2. The nominee’s or sponsor’s statement should be between 50 and 250 words.
  3. Nominations may be submitted by correspondence, e-mail or facsimile.

Nominations are due at the CGFNS office by SEPTEMBER 15, 2016. Questions about the nomination process can be directed to the Chair of the Nominating Committee, at

The following forms and related information can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlinks below:

  1. Nomination/Consent to Serve Form CGFNS Officer to the Board of Trustees
  2. Nomination/Consent to Serve Form CGFNS Board of Trustees
  3. Nomination/Consent to Serve Form CGFNS/ICHP Committee
  4. Leadership Roles and Responsibilities of Elected and Appointed Officials
  5. Position Description for the Treasurer
  6. Position Description for the Secretary
  7. Committee Descriptions

Please feel free to make copies of the Nomination Forms if you are nominating candidates for several positions.
We appreciate your interest and careful consideration of candidates during this very important process.





Sharon Goldsmith, PhD, CCC-Speech
CGFNS Nominations Committee