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CGFNS Connect e-mail resources are currently not available. Please check back when e-mail resources are available:

Contact Us is available 24 hours per day.

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If you already have an order with CGFNS Connect but do not have a login username and password, you must also register as a new web user to get your status.

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Contact CGFNS International

Telephone inquiries
+1 (215) 222 8454

Applicant Navigation Services hours Monday through Friday 9:30 am to 3:00 pm (EST)

Mailing address
3600 Market Street, Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2651 USA
Please remember to place your order number and/or CGFNS ID number on all correspondence and payments.

Business office
+1 (215) 222 8454

Appointments / Consultations

CGFNS International no longer offers in-office consultations. For your convenience, we now offer on-line Virtual consultations from the comfort of your own home.

Please click here to learn more about our Online Virtual Consultation service.