CGFNS International, Inc. CEO Franklin Shaffer, EdD, RN, FAAN was interviewed by American Nurse Today for its May 2014 special section on travel nursing.

Dr. Shaffer provided an overview of the travel nursing specialty, including its benefits, challenges, and the presence of travel nurse staffing firms.

“Travel nursing offers adventure, freedom of choice, and flexibility,” Dr. Shaffer said in the interview. “Travel nurses can choose their work location and hospital, and they get a chance to work in exotic locations at prestigious medical centers. This freedom of choice is important today, with more people citing quality of life as their top priority.”

Dr. Shaffer said that based on recent surveys, travel nurses tend to have BSNs or higher and are just as qualified – if not more – than their permanent counterparts. He also said that more than 80% of Magnet® hospitals in the U.S. work with nurse staffing firms – meaning many of these high-quality institutions hire travel nurses to cover for vacations of leaves of absence, to maintain nurse-patient ratios and to provide safe patient care.

“The beauty of being a traveler is that you can shop around until you get the position and location you want. Having this autonomy and control over your schedule is a leading reason why nurses decide to become travelers,” Dr. Shaffer said.

Read the full interview at American Nurse Today.

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