CGFNS International, Inc. CEO Franklin A. Shaffer, EdD, RN, FAAN was featured in the February 2013 issue of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation’s World of Irish Nursing magazine (WIN).

Dr. Shaffer was interviewed for a feature article, “Breaking borders,” where he discussed his personal history and professional background as a hospital nurse executive, a researcher, educator and association executive, as well as the history of CGFNS International and his responsibilities as the organization’s CEO.

“The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools has evolved considerably over the years. For example, we changed our name to CGFNS International to reflect more accurately the breadth and depth of our work. We are the largest credentials evaluation organisation for nursing in North America, and we are continuing to evolve globally,” Dr. Shaffer said.

Dr. Shaffer also spoke at length about how, after 35 years, CGFNS is now expanding to serve countries other than the U.S. and the role the organization strives to play in a world of increasing mobility. He sees CGFNS evolving from a “one-time service to a lifelong resource for migrating professionals” all over the world.

“I see CGFNS International moving from primarily serving the US to increasingly serving countries around the globe, assuring that education and practice are appropriate to the practice environment, and assuring safety for patients everywhere,” Dr. Shaffer told WIN. “I hope that through educational research, we will shift to a world where professionals can be mobile without encountering unnecessary barriers. The biggest barrier is educational portability.”

Founded in 1919, the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation advocates for improved pay and working conditions, ensures nurse and midwives’ educational and professional needs are met, and ensures that the nursing and midwifery perspectives are reflected in social policy.

Read the full “Breaking borders” interview with Dr. Shaffer here.

About CGFNS International, Inc.
Founded in 1977, to provide credentials analysis for nurses seeking migration, CGFNS International, Inc., based in Philadelphia, is an immigration-neutral not-for-profit organization proudly serving as the world’s largest credentials analysis organization for the nursing and allied healthcare professions. CGFNS International is an NGO in Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and is a member of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CoNGO). For more information, visit