The Credentials Evaluation Service for AONL (CES-AONL)

What is the Credentials Evaluation Service for AONL?

CGFNS verifies and evaluates the credentials of international candidates for two certifications from the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) Credentialing Center:

  • Certified in Executive Nursing Practice (CENP)
  • Certified Nurse Manager and Leader (CNML)

CGFNS determines whether the international applicants are eligible to take AONL’s certification examinations based on comprehensive foreign credential comparability standards and AONL’s eligibility requirements.

Who orders the Credentials Evaluation Service for AONL?

The Credentials Evaluation Service for AONL (CES-AONL) is for nurse leaders outside of the U.S. who wish to sit for AONL’s CENP and CNML certification examinations. Candidates for these programs are international nurse leaders who work in executive or nurse manager and leader roles.


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CES-AONL Process - What to Expect

  • Complete Online Application

    On the application form, select AONL as recipient and the evaluation type (CENP or CNML).
  • Submit Forms to Authorities

    When you purchase the CES-AONL, you will have access to forms to send to schools, licensing, and employers for their completion.
  • Have the Documents Notarized

    Have forms and accompanying documents notarized through NotaryCam.
  • Documents Sent to CGFNS

    Complete package of documents is sent to CGFNS for evaluation.
  • Report Sent to AONL

    CGFNS reviews your documents, determines if you meet AONL's standards, and sends a determination report to AONL.

CGFNS' Partnership With AONL

As the national professional organization of more than 10,000 nurse leaders, the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) is the voice of nursing leadership in health care. AONL’s membership encompasses nurse leaders working in hospitals, health systems, academia and other care settings across the care continuum. Since 1967, the organization has led the field of nursing leadership through professional development, advocacy and research that advances nursing leadership practice and patient care. AONL is a subsidiary of the American Hospital Association.

CES-AONL supports AONL’s efforts to recognize high-quality nurse leaders from outside the U.S. for their management expertise and knowledge of the profession by evaluating applicants’ education documents, employment, and validating their license/registration to determine whether they are eligible to take AONL’s certification examinations.


The CES-AONL fee is $250 USD.

International applicants, continue to apply >>

For other inquiries, go to AONL website >>