eSAVED ™ (Extended Storage of Authenticated and Verified Electronic Documents)


CGFNS automatically stores an electronic version of all applicant documents for a period of four years from the date of the last order (five years for VisaScreen® applicants). After four years, all applicant documents are automatically deleted from the CGFNS system. eSAVED™ allows applicants to extend the storage life of their electronic academic documents.

Documents stored in eSAVED may need to be re-validated ahead of their eSAVED expiration date in order to meet the differing requirements of the regulatory authorities where they are being sent.


The primary benefit of using eSAVED™ is that it allows applicant documents to be securely stored with CGFNS so they can be used again without an applicant having to re-order the documents from primary sources. This is especially practical for saving academic transcripts and educational documents, which never expire or change.

Stored documents can be forwarded to third parties using eDas™ for acceptance as primary source documents by nursing boards, licensing boards, immigration attorneys, and others.

For more information, view our eSAVED FAQs below.

Please note that after purchasing eSAVED, you may still need to submit additional documents when you purchase another CGFNS Service. 


eSAVED ™ Frequently Asked Questions

eSAVED ™ (Extended Storage of Authenticated and Verified Electronic Documents)