The Economics of Nurse Migration

Tracking the Costs and Contributions of Immigrant Nurses in the U.S.

“For the immigrant nurses at the center, numerous decisions and tradeoffs impact their livelihood and financial future. Understanding not only the migration drivers but the actual costs accrued along the journey gives us a better picture of the economic impact of this migration flow and with that a better understanding of implications for source countries and host communities.”

Top three reasons our nurse respondents gave for their decision to migrate:







Nurses who migrated through a recruitment firm:


Of those, 55% used aCGFNS Alliance certified ethical recruiter.

Implications for the global workforce.

We invited thousands of former CGFNS applicants to share via survey their financial/economic experiences as nurse immigrants, including their:

  • Country of education
  • Salary range
  • Budget breakdown
  • Migration drivers

This report covers the enormous economic contributions that immigrant health workers make—along with the substantial financial obligations they face—throughout the trajectory of their migration journey.

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