Regulatory Authorities

Delivering Global Context for Healthcare Workforce Development

​For over four decades, regulatory authorities have worked with CGFNS International to create comprehensive, outcome-based reports to accurately detail the accomplishments and experience of their applicants. Our team is committed to preparing trusted assessments for Healthcare Workforce Development, utilizing our proven documentation forensics to mitigate fraud, legally sound methodologies, and a customizable platform engineered for today’s global workforce. ​

Our process is tested and trusted for accuracy, and our reporting is based on comparative analysis and objectivity. We are an immigration-neutral organization with Consultative Status with the United Nations and ISO-Certified to ensure the very best quality.

Trusted Credible Partner

A trusted assessment for Healthcare Workforce Development


Portable platform to assess credentials anywhere in the world

Legally Defensible

Leading edge methodologies you can stand by

Fraud Detection

Authentication and Verification using Document Forensics

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