Credentials Evaluation Service Academic Report®

What is the Credentials Evaluation Service Academic Report®?

The Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) Academic Report® provides a detailed analysis of all nursing education received outside the United States. It is advisory in nature and does not make specific placement recommendations.

Who orders the Credentials Evaluations Service Academic Report®?

Nurses use the CES Academic Report® for academic admissions purposes. The CES Academic Report® includes a detailed analysis of the courses you attended along with suggested U.S. grade and credit conversions.

Benefits of the Credentials Evaluation Service Academic Report®

The CES Academic Report® is a valuable tool for  academic institutions requiring a detailed analysis of the education received by an applicant. The CES Academic Report® also helps qualified applicants demonstrate the merits of their education when compared to U.S. standards, facilitating their pursuit of education in the United States.


Secondary School Information

A secondary school diploma or an external exam certificate showing highest level of secondary education received. Secondary school (high school) is a school intermediate between elementary (primary school) school and university, usually offering general, technical, vocational, or university-preparatory courses.  

All documents must be in English. Secondary diplomas can be translated by an applicant or someone chosen by an applicant.

Professional Education Information

A complete academic record or transcript from each educational institution attended for the profession being evaluated.

These documents must be in English and must be translated by an official registered translator. CGFNS can translate documents for an additional fee.


CGFNS International appreciates the challenges and delays that some applicants are encountering and might continue to experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, effective immediately, the expiration dates for all applications received on or after June 1, 2019, set to expire before October, will be extended to October 1, 2020. We will review and revise this policy, if necessary, based upon the unfolding situation. We encourage everyone to stay safe and want our applicants to take comfort in knowing CGFNS will remain sensitive to the global challenges and adapt policies accordingly.