eDas ™ (eDocument Authentication Service)

What is eDAS™?

eDAS™ is a service that authenticates and verifies transcripts, licenses, and other documents from primary sources and sends them directly to third parties such as employers, state nursing boards and schools. Because all reviewed documents come from CGFNS in an eDAS™ Report, they are immediately accepted as official documents by third parties.

The eDAS™ Report includes the name of schools attended, admission and completion dates, the language of instruction, license names with validation dates, and as applicable, verification of CGFNS Certification Program certification, VisaScreen® certification and/or International Standards for Professional Nurses® (ISPN®) certification status.

Who are the Recipients of eDAS™ Reports?

  • State Boards of Nursing
  • Academic Institutions
  • Employers
  • Hospitals
  • Recruiters
  • Immigration Attorneys
  • Governmental Agencies

eDAS™ does NOT include a credentials evaluation component like other CGFNS services. eDAS™ ONLY validates the authenticity of documents. It does not evaluate them or compare them to U.S. standards.

Why Use eDAS™?

With the increase in fraudulent documents and identity theft, regulatory agencies, academic institutions, and employers rely on CGFNS to authenticate education and professional license / registration documents. eDAS™ also provides a fast and efficient way to send official documents so they are received and accepted without delay.

Who Can Use eDAS™?

Anyone can order eDAS™ through the CGFNS Connect system. Click the button below to select eDAS™.



Licenses / Registrations / Diplomas

Applicants can choose to have their professional education and / or licensure  authenticated for eDAS™. 

CGFNS authenticates all licenses, registrations, and diplomas obtained by an applicant for an eDas Report®.

  • Licenses, registrations, and diplomas that are currently held or that have been held in the past from all jurisdictions.


Professional Education Information

A complete academic record or transcript from the educational institutions for which you wish to have authenticated.

It is important to note that if you decide to use eDAS™, ALL education and license / registration documents in your CGFNS file will be included with the eDAS™ Report unless otherwise specified. If you do not want all your documents to be included in the eDAS™ Report, you must select only the school names and license information you want included in the order.

In addition, if four years have passed since documents have been received by CGFNS and eSAVED was not purchased, applicants will be required to submit new documentation.


SCHEDULED OUTAGE NOTIFICATION: CGFNS Connect will be down for maintenance and updates on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 from 12:00PM U.S. Eastern Time to 1:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time. Thank you for your patience.