Certified Global Nurse – Rehabilitation (CGN-R)

Become a Certified Global Rehabilitation Nurse

Registered nurses working in rehabilitation, habilitation, or restorative care settings can earn the Certified Global Nurse – Rehabilitation (CGN-R) credential by proctored exam.

Candidates who meet eligibility requirements may apply for the program and take the exam. Once a candidate’s application materials have been reviewed and accepted by CGFNS, they will receive an Authorization-to-Test notification that contains instructions for how to schedule an exam.

Be the first to get certified.

The initial CGN-R exam will be offered in November of 2024. CGFNS invites qualified applicants to be part of the initial exam group at a discounted rate. This is offered to offset the unique circumstances associated with a certification exam launch:

  • The initial exam will require test-takers to answer more questions than the final exam, but there will be more time to complete the exam.
  • Exam results will be delayed due to the need for all exams to go through psychometric analysis and performance evaluation.

For those reasons, we’re offering a $150 discount for those who participate in the initial exam.

Download the Candidate Handbook

Access all the information you need to know about the exam blueprint, competency domains, registration and recertification as well as the sample exam questions by downloading your copy of the Candidate Handbook today.

Why earn the credential?

Verify your skills and proficiency.

Earning the CGN-R requires you to demonstrate knowledge and skills specific to rehabilitation nursing, thus validating your expertise to current and prospective employers. Carrying this credential will assure those employers that you are more than a nurse with experience in a rehabilitation setting, but also one whose knowledge and experience have been assessed against a global industry standard with an established competency framework for rehabilitative nursing. This will empower health systems and employers to recruit and build the highest-quality care teams to meet the unique needs of patients in rehab therapy programs. Having the CGN-R credential will position you favorably with global recruiters and employers, opening doors of career opportunity that experience alone may not afford.

Amplify your professional identity.

On average, prospective employers and recruiters scan through resumes quickly and often do not dig deep enough to discover specialty-specific skills and experience. With the credential after your name, your validated skills will be positioned at the top of your profiles and resume to proudly declare your status as a professional rehab nurse, ensuring that prospective employers know that you possess this critical and unique set of skills and competencies.

Support your career mobility.

The CGN-R is a credential based on a Global Competency Framework validated by subject matter experts worldwide. It assures prospective employers that your rehab nursing expertise and experience from your home country will transfer to other countries.

Demonstrate your commitment to continuing education.

The CGN-R must be renewed every five years, demonstrating to employers and colleagues your dedication to continuing professional development and excellence as a rehabilitation nurse.

Impact the landscape of rehabilitative care.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 2.4 billion people worldwide need rehabilitation services. Meeting that need will require equipped and highly skilled nurses who can deliver and advance the future of rehabilitative care. Specialty skills across all health professions are increasingly in demand and critical to shaping the future of global healthcare. With the CGN-R credential, you will be part of the evolution of this global specialty and the quality of care being delivered to those in need.

Exam Eligibility

CGN-R certification is for registered nurses working in a rehabilitation healthcare setting who wish to have their applied knowledge and competencies in their field recognized as meeting a Global Standard. To be eligible to apply, you must meet the following license/registration and work experience requirements:​

You must hold a current license as a first-level general nurse, or registered nurse (RN), in the country where you practice. Verification of this license will be required prior to you taking the certification exam.*

Work Experience
You must have at least two years of work experience in a rehabilitation, habilitation, or restorative care setting during the last five (5) years. Verification of your employment experience will be required prior to you taking the CGN-R exam.​

*In most countries, including the United States, a first-level nurse is called a registered nurse or a professional nurse. If you are a second-level nurse in your native country, you cannot sit for the CGN-R exam. In most countries, second-level nurses are called enrolled nurses, vocational nurses, practical nurses, or nursing assistants.

Exam Administration

The CGN-R exam is a computer-based exam conveniently offered worldwide. Detailed instructions on how to register for an administration date will be sent out upon receipt and approval of all required application materials. Candidates should register for their exam as soon as possible after receiving instructions from CGFNS.

Steps to earning the CGN-R credential:

  • Step 1: Create a CGFNS Connect® account.
  • Step 2: Complete your profile.
  • Step 3: Purchase CGN-R Certification.
  • Step 4: Submit all required forms.
  • Step 5: Pass the CGN-R exam.

Watch a video or read instructions on how to create a CGFNS Connect account here.

Exam Fee:

$300 (Initial Exam)
$450 (In 2025)

CGN-R Exam Blueprint

The following is a guide to the competency domains that will be tested for on the CGN-R exam.

Domain I: Professionalism (15% of exam)

  • Clinical Reasoning
  • Interprofessional Teamwork
  • Ethics

Domain II: Safety (20% of exam)

  • Safe Patient Handling
  • Evidence-Based Fall Prevention
  • Infection Control and Prevention
  • Privacy (Protecting and Supporting Privacy and Dignity)

Domain III: Education (15% of exam)

  • Patient and Family/Significant Others
  • Health Literacy and Self-Efficacy
  • Communities or Populations
  • Cultural Sensitivity & Congruence
  • Principles of Adult Teaching/Learning
  • Principles of Pediatric Teaching/Learning
  • Principles of Geriatric Teaching/Learning

Domain IV: Rehabilitation Nursing Interventions (50% of exam)

  • General Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Disorder-Specific Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Age-Span Considerations

Take advantage of special pricing.

The initial CGN-R exam will be offered in November of 2024.