2023 Nurse Migration Report

Navigating Nursing Shortages
and Immigration Barriers

The CGFNS 2023 Nurse Migration Report offers a data-driven window into the career mobilization of global nurses seeking jobs in the United States. It is based on data that CGFNS has compiled in the normal course of our work verifying credentials for tens of thousands of foreign-educated health professionals each year. Building on our inaugural report from a year ago, it provides valuable information and trends on, among other things, how many skilled health workers are applying to work in the U.S., the countries where they were educated, and the states where they are seeking licensure.

The report also provides background on the international migration landscape for nurses, as well as the government policies and approaches that impact it. Unique to this year’s report, we have incorporated migration data from other sources to provide a more robust outlook on nurse migration. We expect this additional information to inform discussions about the tradeoffs involved in advancing ethical recruitment practices–including fair pathways for individual health professionals who consider moving abroad–and finding ways to alleviate the impact of migration the health systems of sending countries.

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2023 Nurse Migration Report - Navigating Nursing Shortages and Immigration Barriers

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As health systems struggle with nursing shortages, CGFNS International sees a sharp rise in nurses seeking to migrate to the U.S.

Report shows visa certifications hitting a new high in 2023 but a decline is likely with U.S. immigration limits In a report published today, CGFNS International revealed that in 2023 it issued its highest-ever number of occupational visa certifications to nurses and other skilled health workers seeking to migrate to the U.S., where health systems confront a staffing crisis. The…
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