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How the CGFNS Process Works

Create a CGFNS Connect Account

Create a CGFNS Connect Account

Create your free account in the CGFNS Connect Applicant Portal to apply for our services and receive help from Applicant Navigation Services. 

-After you verify your email, fill in the personal information section that we use to confirm your identity.

-Create your password and set your security questions.

-After creating your account, you will then be asked to complete your Applicant Profile. 

You do not have to submit any payment information or make any purchases to create your CGFNS Connect account. 

Select Your Service

Select Your Service

After completing your Applicant Profile, use the Service Wizard to view the CGFNS service(s) that meet your needs and that you are eligible to purchase based on the information you’ve provided.

Don’t know which service you need? View the programs and services we offer on the CGFNS website >> View required services by state >> (for nurses only) 

Purchase Your Order

Purchase Your Order

Use the Shopping Cart in Connect to purchase your CGFNS service. You will then gain access to all the required forms and instructions to complete your order.

 Before you begin, be sure to have information regarding your: 

  • Secondary education 
  • Tertiary/Higher professional (Healthcare) education 
  • Additional education, if any 
  • Professional work experience 
  • Professional licenses or registrations 
  • Official identity documents 

In order to apply, you will need to set up a free account on the CGFNS Connect portal. Please follow the instructions on the following page to set up your account (click below to go to the portal).

Continue to CGFNS Connect Portal>>

If you already have an account, click here to login

Request Your Documents

Request Your Documents

After purchasing your order in CGFNS Connect, you will receive further instructions for completing your service and document request forms to be sent to your schools and institutions.

Submit these document request forms to your academic and professional authorities. They will complete the forms, attach your documents and send the full package directly to CGFNS to review.

For most services, the documents must be sent by the issuing authority directly to CGFNS. View the document submission requirements for each CGFNS service >>  

We Evaluate Your File & Send Your Report / Certificate

We Evaluate Your Documents & Send Your Report or Certificate

Our International Credential Evaluators verify and evaluate your documents and issue your report or award your certificate. 

Turnaround times for reports and certificates vary depending on your service, country of education, and the complexity of your file.

The Latest from CGFNS...

CGFNS has published its first Insights Brief of 2024: Gender Equality and Economic Empowerment through Nurse Migration.

“As the world grapples with severe health workforce shortages, exacerbated by factors such as demographic shifts and increased healthcare needs, millions of women around the world continue to provide critical and lifesaving care.”

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CGFNS has an exclusive partnership with Canadian nursing regulators and the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) to evaluate and validate the credentials of internationally-educated nurses looking to practice in Canada.

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