Authorized Agents

New Authorized Agent Portal

We are excited to announce that we are replacing our legacy portal with a new Authorized Agent Portal. The new portal will allow you to:

  • Manage applicants who have designated you as their authorized agent
  • Access each of your applicants’ account information
  • Allow multiple users from your organization to manage your applicant pool through the CGFNS process

We urge you to begin registering applicants with a unique email address through the new CGFNS Connect Portal, as you will be unable to use one email address for multiple applicants. The applicants will need to add you as their Authorized Agent, at which time you can verify their data and place orders.

Need help accessing the Authorized Agent portal? See our guide for tutorials.

Portal Enhancements Update

We heard your feedback and are pleased to announce five new enhancements to improve your experience in our Authorized Agent Portal:

  • Invite your applicants to Register in CGFNS Connect with the click of a button!
  • Get the answers you need with Contact Us for Authorized Agents in the NAVIGATION OPTIONS menu.
  • View all your correspondence using My Messages > Correspondence (Emails/Letters) in the AUTHORIZED AGENTS OPTIONS menu.
  • Request support using Contact Us, including for Login/Registration/Account issues, without being logged into the Portal.
  • Access FOUR new Authorized Agent reports:
    • My Applicants Report for both non-official and official applicants
    • Authorized Agents Login Report of all staff with access to AA accounts
    • Authorized Agent Order Status Report for official applicants with orders and statuses
    • Correspondence (Letters / Emails) Report with official applicants’ recent correspondence

New Applicant Login Process: What Authorized Agents Need to Know

To access the upgraded Applicant Portal for the first time, returning applicants will need to create a new account using a personal email address. This offers enhanced security and prevents applicants from creating multiple accounts when they lose their username.

The portal will then attempt to retrieve the existing information they have on file with CGFNS:

  1. If the email address is recognized as part of their existing file, the portal will carry over the applicants’ existing account information and orders to their new account.
  2. If the email address is not recognized as part of their file, the applicant should continue the new account registration process. The portal will attempt to locate the applicant’s existing account information using their CGFNS ID.
  3. If no account information is associated with the applicant’s email address or CGFNS ID, they will be issued a new CGFNS ID and should proceed through account setup as a new applicant.

Communication between the applicant (or their agent) and CGFNS will now take place through the portal instead of via email.