New Programs and Services


CGFNS automatically stores an electronic version of all applicant documents for a period of four years from the date of the last order (five years for VisaScreen® applicants). After four years, all applicant documents are automatically deleted from the CGFNS system. eSAVED™ allows applicants to extend the storage life of their electronic documents, including transcripts, licenses, and more.

Notary Cam

NotaryCam provides on-line access to state licensed and commissioned notaries that meet CGFNS International Inc. notarization requirements. NotaryCam eliminates the need for you to visit a Notary/Consulate in person and to mail your document(s) to CGFNS International Inc.

Virtual Consultation

Have a face-to-face discussion with a CGFNS International expert using your computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world. With the click of a button you can ask about the status of your application, learn how to solve an issue that is delaying your approval, or simply ask about the CGFNS process and how to navigate each of the steps.