Global Advanced Practice Nursing Learning

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States – July 28-30, 2014

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Invitation-Only Symposium

Supported by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The role of advanced practice nursing (APN) across the globe is growing. In July 2014, a global group of APN health policy makers, practitioners and thought leaders will come together for a 2-day invitation-only symposium in Philadelphia. The purpose of the symposium is to learn how countries have or are developing and utilizing APNs to improve access to care for their citizens, and to share best practices.

The symposium conveners, the National Nursing Centers Consortium, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Office of Chief Nurse, Queensland, Australia and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), are inviting a small group of health care leaders/practitioners from countries around the world that have already begun to operationalize the APN role to improve access to care to attend for a 2-day symposium. Additional attendees will include a number of APN leaders from the U.S. RWJF is supporting the travel, meals and lodging for the participants.

APN Symposium Day 1: Participants will share their country’s experience in terms of supporting APNs, how the role has developed and its impact on health. Each participant will develop their own country-specific overview before the symposium that will be distributed to the participants. The presentation by each country will highlight key points. Throughout the evening, which includes an organized dinner, participants will have the opportunity to respond to the overview and to debate and discuss approaches to generating the best practice inventory.

APN Symposium Day 2: Participants will generate the best practices inventory as well as key data points each country might want to use to track APN implementation. Symposium participants will also develop benchmarks to capture improvements in access to care through utilization of APNs. A small workgroup will be formed to develop the symposium white paper. Workgroup meetings will be held on Skype in the months following the meeting.

For more Information about the Symposium and to request an invitation, please email:

Tine Hansen-Turton, MGA, JD, FCPP, FAAN

CEO, National Nursing Centers Consortium Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – U.S.

(215) 820-8451


Fourth International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector

Miami, Florida, United States – October 22, 2014

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The specific aims of the conference are:

  • To sensitize stakeholders to the issue of violence in the health and social services sector,
  • To understand the evolving manifestations and the human, professional and economic implications of violence in the health and social services sector,
  • To present, promote and exchange effective sustainable initiatives and strategies addressing personal safety, organizational and environmental security, and wellbeing for all workers and clients in the health and social services sector,
  • To present initiatives which respond to the problem, and have transferable learning for efforts in broader service and geographical contexts,
  • To offer a program of presentations considering the vantage points of all parties, e.g. service users, workers, management.

Call for Abstracts, Deadline March 1, 2014

For more information: