Additional Services

CGFNS International provides a variety of additional services for applicants. Please review the following options and login to CGFNS Connect for more information and a complete list.

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Extended Storage of Authenticated and Verified Electronic Documents

eSAVED extends the storage life of your electronic transcripts, licenses, and more.


eSAVED = 4 + more

We automatically store your electronic documents for four years. The eSAVED service allows you to extend that time for as long as you like.

There are two options:

  • Add 1 year of document storage for $35.
  • Add 4 years of document storage for $100.
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Document Translation

Request to have your required documents translated into English.

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Forwarding of English Test Results

Request English test scores to be forwarded to selected licensing boards/authorities.

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CGFNS Education Comparability Assessment System (ECAS)™

The CGFNS Education Comparability Assessment System is founded on an evidence-based conceptual model, designed to facilitate consistent, methodological comparison of curriculum for prescribed programs of study in specific applied disciplinary fields.  This model is process-oriented in that it delineates the critical pathways for the construction of academic coursework as informed by entry-to-practice (ETP) requirements in the field. The converse of this process is the deconstruction of academic coursework which allows for the identification of the smallest units of content in the curriculum as evidence of subject matter knowledge and as validation of entry-to-practice (ETP) requirements.

CGFNS Education Comparability Tool (ECT)™

CGFNS Education Comparability Tool (ECT) is a conceptual instrument designed to provide a structural scaffolding to enable a detailed curricular comparison between two programs of study for the purpose of determining their relative convergence and divergence.

This tool was first created by CGFNS International, Inc. in 2009 for the physical therapy profession based on the belief that physical therapists educated outside the United States should be allowed to demonstrate the full extent of their education obtained in their home countries and should not be required to exceed the educational requirements expected of physical therapy graduates in the United States.  The resultant tool for physical therapy, ECT for Physical Therapy, has demonstrated its utility in capturing curricular content of this education in a source country and measuring it against the established benchmark for the profession in a destination country, which in this case, the United States.

CGFNS Credential Validation Service for NLN Certification for Nurse Educators (CNE)

As nursing assumes a leadership role in the globalization of the health professions, the National League for Nursing (NLN) is offering its certification program to academic nurse educators beyond the United States.  NLN has formed partnership with CGFNS International Inc. (CGFNS) to validate the credentials of international nurse educators for eligibility for the program. Find out more here.