Fee Schedule and Policies

Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report®

Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report ApplicationFor those educated outside the United States pursuing licensure to practice in the United States.$350.00
Expedited ServiceFaster review process - after application submission$250.00Click for Details
Reprocess ApplicationTo continue paid in full application for another 12 months (only one reprocess application is accepted after an initial application expires).$160.00Click for Details
Re-evaluationAdditional report prepared after the first one has been issued. Either same as initial recipient or different one.$210.00Click for Details
Additional report recipients (each)Report to more recipients other than the initial one included in the application$100.00
English language proficiency reportEnglish proficiency report included as a state board of nursing requirement$85.00Click for Details
Additional license/registration evaluation (each)Additional license/registration evaluated in addition to the two non-U.S. registrations/licenses$75.00
Duplicate report for applicant (each)Unofficial copy of the report mailed to applicant$75.00

Credentials Evaluation Service Academic Report®

Credentials Evaluation Service Academic Report ApplicationReport for those who are educated outside the United States pursuing further education in U.S. institutions of higher learning$385.00
Expedited ServiceFaster review process - after application submission and receipt of all documents$275.00Click for Details
Reprocess applicationAdditional 12 months processing time when all requirements have not been met (only one reprocess application accepted after initial application expires)$150.00Click for Details
Re-evaluationReport prepared for one additional recipient after initial has been issued$250.00Click for Details
Additional report recipients (each)Report sent to additional recipients, in addition to the one already included, at the time of application$100.00
English language proficiency report (each)Report for those applying to state boards of nursing that require an English proficiency report to be included$85.00Click for Details
Additional academic credential evaluation (each)Additional academic credentials evaluated, in addition to the two academic credentials already included in the CES application fee$75.00
Duplicate report for applicant (each)An unofficial copy of their report mailed to them$75.00

Credential Verification Service for New York State®

Paper ApplicationFor individuals educated outside the United States pursuing licensure to practice in New York State.$465
ApplicationFor individuals educated outside the United States pursuing licensure to practice in New York State.$390
ReapplicationAnother application after the first CVS report has been issued to verify additional credentials for the same or different healthcare profession.$390
Reissue report (each)An official copy of previously issued CVS report sent to the New York State Education Department, (NYSED).$100

eDas – eDocument Authentication Service Report

eDas - Document Authentication Service ReportReport to 1 recipient$225.00
eDas - Document Authentication Service ReportEach additional recipient$100.00

VisaScreen®: Visa Credentials Assessment

VisaScreen® ApplicationInitial VisaScreen® application. Includes VisaScreen® Certificate$540.00
Reprocess ApplicationReprocess an existing, expired VisaScreen® application$175.00Click for Details
Renewal ApplicationRenewal application for an expired VisaScreen® Certificate$275.00Click for Details
Expedited Review ServiceExpedited review within five business days of receiving all required documents. VisaScreen® Certificate mailed with next day express mail delivery.$500.00Click for Details
Certificate Verification LetterDesignated recipient receives an official letter that applicant was issued a VisaScreen® certificate. Allow 10 business days for delivery$100.00Click for Details
Replacement CertificateReplace an original VisaScreen® Certificate. Limit one (1) per applicant$150.00Click for Details

CGFNS Certification Program®

Certification Program applicationApplication includes the CGFNS Qualifying Exam® Official Study Guide (electronic version), a credentials review and an English language proficiency verification$445.00
Re-Examination applicationIncludes a new CGFNS Qualifying Exam® for those who did not pass or missed a scheduled exam.$350.00
Reprocess an expired application12 month extension of a paid in full application, which was not completed during initial required time period. Note: only one reprocess application is accepted after a first Certification Program application expires$175.00Click for Details
Certificate verification letterOfficial letter verifying that a Certification Program CGFNS certificate was issued$100.00
Replacement CGFNS certificateReplaces an original Certification Program CGFNS Certificate$150.00
Reprocess an expired re-examination application12-month expired paid in full re-examination application which did not meet approval requirements within original time period$175.00
Re-score ServiceAdditional service available for up to two years after the exam date$50.00

Additional Fees

List of services
Return check feeThis is the fee that is charged when your check is returned because of insufficient funds in your account.$75.00
Resend certificateThis is the fee that is charged when we have to resend your certificate after UPS returns it to us because of an address error or there is no one available to sign for the package.$100.00
Credit card denial feeThis is the fee that is charged when your credit card denies payment.$75.00

Add-On Services

List of services
eSAVEDExtended Storage of Authenticated and Verified Electronic Documents$35.00 per year or $100.00 for 4 years
Forwarding English Test ResultsRequest English test scores to be forwarded to selected licensing boards/authorities.$25.00
Translations of documents, per page (standard size)Request to have your required documents translated into English. Fee applies to standard sized, 8.5 x 11 inch documents.$85.00


Time limits for applications and payment

Applicants applying for the following services are given 12 months to meet the requirements of an order:

  • CGFNS Certification Program
  • Credentials Evaluation Service
  • VisaScreen®: Visa Credentials Assessment

Orders will expire within 12 months if:

  • Applicant is not rostered to take the CGFNS Qualifying Exam® for the Certification Program
  • A Credentials Evaluation Service report has not been issued
  • An ICHP VisaScreen® certificate has not been issued
  • Fee payment(s) has not been received in full

If a paid-in-full application expires, an applicant has up to 12 months to apply for a reprocess (another 12 months on that application) and fully pay the reprocess fee. Only one reprocess application is accepted after an initial application expires.

An applicant does not qualify for reprocess if the order is not paid in full, or if fees paid were applied to previous services, and the initial application order expires. A new application must be submitted and paid in full to have 12 months to process the application and complete all the requirements. The subsequent 12 months begins when we receive the new application.



Refund policy

CGFNS has a “no refund” policy for all programs, products and services. No refund is given after an order is submitted. If CGFNS makes an error, consideration for a refund will be given on a case-by-case basis.


What your fees help us to do

The fees reflect the cost associated with processing applications/orders, scanning documents, reviewing applicant credentials and files, postage and, as applicable, obtaining academic records/transcripts, validating license/registration/diploma, preparing reports/certificates and administering the CGFNS Qualifying Exam®.


Appeal Request Service

Applicants have the right to appeal an action by CGFNS. A written notice of appeal must be submitted within 60 days of service deliverable to CGFNS for review by the appropriate CGFNS staff. Applicants are notified as to whether appeal request is granted or denied. Granted appeal requests are reviewed by the CGFNS Appeals Committee in accordance with the CGFNS International Appeals Procedure.

A service fee of $500 will be charged to applicants who have submitted an Appeal Request that has been granted a review by the CGFNS International Appeals Committee. Eligible applicants will receive information and notification regarding the Appeals Procedure and will be instructed to submit their payment online. Appeal requests supported by the Appeals Committee are eligible for a refund of the service fee charged. Applicants should not remit payment until they have received the Official Appeals Procedure that explains the process in detail.