VisaScreen® Expedited Review Service

Purpose: The length of time it takes CGFNS to generate your certificate is influenced by the complexity of your file and your country of education. The Expedited Review Service guarantees that we will review your VisaScreen® order as soon as possible after we receive all your documents.

Eligibility: The Expedited Review Service can be placed only if you have an active VisaScreen® order and all documents required for the review are received, entered and imaged.

Note: The expedited review does not guarantee that your VisaScreen® certification will be approved. It only ensures that the order will be reviewed within 10 business days after your documents are received, entered and imaged to your file. Upon review of your documents, if we determine that further information is necessary, your review will not restart until the required documentation has been submitted.

How to order (online): Online VisaScreen® Expedited Review Service is subject to capacity limitations. You will receive an email notification on whether expedited service is available once all necessary documentation for a review of your file has been deemed complete. To place an order for Expedited Review:

  • Log into your CGFNS Connect account.
  • Choose the option to purchase CGFNS Services.
  • On the service selection screen, choose Additional CGFNS Services.
  • On the Additional CGFNS Services menu, choose the VisaScreen® Expedited Review Service application.