VisaScreen® Certification Renewal for Applicants Previously Certified by FCCPT

Physical therapists with an expiring or expired VisaScreen® certificate issued by the Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy (FCCPT) can be re-certified by CGFNS International. This is advantageous for those who have been working in the United States as a physical therapist and meet the criteria for exemption from the English proficiency requirement. (NOTE: CGFNS does not accept the at-home versions of English Language Proficiency exams)

For FCCPT Certificate holders to be re-certified by CGFNS International they must:

  • Apply for VisaScreen®: Visa Credentials Assessment- theVisaScreen® Renewal order is not available to applicants not previously certified for VisaScreen® by CGFNS International
  • Submit necessary VisaScreen® requirements including-
    1. Passport photo 
    2. Official validation of all licenses ever held sent directly from the licensing authority to CGFNS International
    3. Official transcripts of professional education sent directly from your school to CGFNS International
  • Submit a photocopy of the certificate issued by FCCPT
  • Submit proof of employment in the United States- employment must be sent directly by the employer to CGFNS International and verify that:
    1. You have been working in the United States (employment in another English-speaking country is not acceptable)
    2. You have been working as a Physical Therapist
    3. You have been working a minimum of 27 months including 9 months of employment in the year prior to the date of your order with CGFNS International
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